The Camp

About Miti Mingi Eco Camp

The Miti Mingi Eco Camp is located 500 meters from the Ololaimutiek  Masai Mara entrance gate. The camp is nestled under a canopy of indigenous trees (Miti Mingi) – meaning many trees creating a cool retreat from the heat of the plains, the leafy canopy attracts large variety of bird life all day long and you will be gently awaken by a chorus of bird call every morning. The camp  has permanent self contained tents with private toilets and hot/cold showers in single beds, double beds, twin beds and triple beds and family tents.

At the camp lighting is provided by our diesel run generator which runs from 6.30pm in the evening up to 10.00 o’clock. We are in the process of installing power lighting to guarantee continuity in lighting. Sockets are provided in all tents for charging of digital cameras and mobile phones.

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